As it was the sincere desire of His Eminence, Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta, to see the cultural heritage of Hellenism promoted and developed through our parishioners throughout the Atlanta Metropolis, the Hellenic Dance Festival (HDF) was organized on January 14, 2000. The purpose of this event is to bring together Orthodox families through dance, music and fellowship to perpetuate our Hellenic Orthodox tradition.

  • To develop an awareness and appreciation for our Hellenic and Orthodox culture and tradition through dance and music.
  • To inspire youth and young adults of the Metropolis of Atlanta to enhance their experience and love of the Orthodox Church and the Hellenic Culture.

All future committee members, participants, advisors, and instructors are to keep these principles as well as the mission statement as their standard for guidance. This is an event led by the words of St. Paul in his epistle to the Romans as well as the ancient principle of aristevei (to always excel). Therefore, this Spirit of Orthodoxy is to stand before all other elements.


"Since you are zealous for spiritual gifts,

let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel

1 Cor 14:12