Are you living in a community where there is no adult dance troupe? Then OCF and YAL Dance Troupes are for you!


What are OCF and YAL?

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) is the official collegiate pan-Orthodox ministry.  Their mission is to support Orthodox fellowship on college campuses across the United States. YAL (Young Adult League) is an Archdiocese ministry striving to cultivate and educate young adults (age 18-35) to enable them to become active members of the body of Christ.

Why start an OCF/YAL dance troupe?

Many young adults are located in communities that do not have existing adult dance troupes. Part of our mission is to keep young adult groups active in the church. We do this by incorporating Greek dance into existing OCF and YAL chapters or creating new ones. OCF/YAL dance troupes will have access to a priest, a home parish to sponsor them, a place to practice, and a new network of friends.

Where to start 

Start by asking around at your college’s OCF meeting. If your college or a nearby college does not have an OCF, contact the priest or youth director at the nearest Greek Orthodox Church. Facebook is a great way to find people to get involved. Ask friends if they know anyone in the area, and start a Facebook group that you can add people to. Try to involve people from nearby schools as well. Encourage those who are not in school to join as well. Part of our mission is to involve everyone in the young adult age group, not just students.

Ask around the parish community if anyone is interested in being the Greek dance instructor. Or, start attending Greek dance workshops and director’s workshops to learn how to direct a group yourself.

Once you have a home parish, you can communicate via facebook when the practices will be held. Having practice a couple of times a month would probably suit everyone’s busy schedules.



  • To promote the participation of young adults at HDF.
  • To spark spiritual discussions.
  • To promote fellowship.
  • To increase young adult attendance at Liturgy.



Please contact the HDF Young Adult Development Directors with questions and for guidance:

Haido Pourlos:

Jordan Elrod: