Executive Committee

Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta

Fr. Mark Leondis, Chair
Eleni Hopes, Vice Chair
Fr. Constantine Simeonidis, Spiritual Advisor
Julie Moricz, Metropolis Youth, Education & Hellenic Culture Coordinator

FIT Committee

FIT Co-Chairs: Stavros Karagiorgis & Venetta Avergopoulos Jones

Administration: Areti "Tina" Klein
Competition: Stacie Peroulas
Events: Charlie Kleto & Jimmy Smith
Finance: Vassio Giannakopoulos
Judging/Krites: Vasi Kourlas & Aris Yortizidis
Logistics: Voula Giannakopoulos
PR & Communications: Mary Rebecca Harakas
Registration: Kiki Missailidis & Victoria Angelakos
VIP/Hospitality: Paula Detweiler
Workshops: Fr. Sampson Kasapakis

Why do you support the Hellenic Dance Festival?

Love for our great Faith and rich tradition.

"Allowing young people to offer their gifts and talents to our Lord is a true expression of their love for our great Faith and our rich tradition. The hard work, hours of practice and the genuine smiles on their faces confirms their deep devotion to our Church"

 - Fr. Mark

Coming together in prayer, fellowship and love.

"My beloved, the Hellenic Dance Festival Weekend is a beautiful opportunity for our young people to express their love of our Hellenic Heritage.  It is a joy to see our families come together in prayer, fellowship, and love as we celebrate the richness of our culture and faith. I pray that the HDF Weekend will continue to provide opportunities for all the faithful to appreciate the beauty of Greece through music, song, and dance."

                                      - His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios

Are you ready? Register today and join the excitement. See you in Orlando.

HDF 2018 will be held in Orlando, FL on January 12 to 15.