Question: Where do I send my dance group’s Intent to Participate Form?

Answer: Please follow the link on the HDF website to register the group online.

Question: Is HDF continuing the iPhone/Android app for communication and updates?

Answer: Yes. Please stay tuned for frequent updates via email, website, and social media for download information.

Question: Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding the HDF Weekend?

Answer: You may contact for any HDF 2019 communication.

Question: How much is the participant registration for HDF 2019?

Answer: The HDF registration fee is $219.00 with meals and $169.00 without meals. Please see the HDF website for more information on each package.

Question: To whom do I turn in my dance group’s performance CDs?

Answer: On Friday at HDF 2019, you will personally turn in your CDs to the Competition Chair.

Question: If I need information or have questions about my suite, music or steps, what resources are available to me as a director?

Answer: You may contact us at, and we will connect you with individuals who can help you find the right material.

Question: To whom do I send my costume research, information and pictures prior to HDF to be eligible for the costume award?

Answer: Submit your costume research to the HDF Portal. Contact the Competition Chair at with questions.